Name: Polly Defies Gravity
Opened: October 2013
Type: lifestyle/travel blog
Host: WordPress.Com

Images and content by:
Polly Amora
Proofread by: Sezoia Yamamoto

NICHE: A lifestyle blog that covers travel, adventure, health and fitness, thoughts on certain topics and many more. My goal is to inspire readers to be well traveled and to never to settle. Polly Defies Gravity is all about motivating people around the globe to chase their dreams, seek adventure, take risks and become the best possible versions of themselves.

HISTORY: I’ve been blogging on and off since 2000, but only recently would like to take it more seriously and ramp up the readership. I’ve had sites hosted at Live Journal, Geocities, Tumblr and private domains owned by my online friends. I’m a self-taught webmaster. I developed my coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) skills by reading/watching online tutorials and applying it to my own blog/webpages. At 2013, I made another blog called Atomic Chick then finally, changed it to Polly Defies Gravity.

WHAT I WRITE ABOUT: I write about my travel & adventures, foodtrips, running & fitness, and my opinions on certain topics like empowering women. I’m not a feminist, but I believe in gender equality. I don’t hate men, so I’m definitely not a feminist. I mean, can we just be humanists? I also accept product reviews that are relevant to the site. However, I reserve the right to share my honest opinion with readers.


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