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BLOG UPDATES: Major Revamp, New Content, LinkUps


Hey guys! I’ve finally decided to give ‘online marketing’ a shot as suggested by my good Friend, Eurethel. She gave me an overview of it and I find it very interesting. I can’t wait to start! This blog is some sort of an outlet whenever my sugar rush is in it’s max level and ideas come spewing out of my mind and all I can do is to write it down before it is gone. Besides, change is beautiful. I’ll be adding more content like my travels & (mis)adventures, running tips, egotistic POVS, and so much more. I’ve written a lot of article and scheduled its publish dates.

Another thing, I joined a blog hop called Grow Your Blog hosted by Kristy over at Runaway Bridal Planner. It will start on October 26, 2015. During the blog hop I’ll be posting topics related to health and fitness (and yes, running).

Lastly, if you’ve been to this blog you might have noticed that I did a major revamp: layout change, menu/navigation bar, fixed broken links, and etc.

Once again, thank you so much for dropping by and I’ll talk to you all soon. Have a great day!


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