10 Most Annoying Behaviors in the Workplace


Someone who complains a lot but does nothing and/or offers no suggestions about how to remedy the problem he/she is complaining about. Besides, there’s no perfect company that could fully cater your needs and expectations. If you find yourself ranting about how much you hate your job, this might be the sign for you to resign.



A person enjoys talking about other people’s private lives – of course, obtaining your affirmation that she is not gossiping but merely “sharing.” They don’t know how to mind their own business and therefore think that EVERYTHING is their business. They are usually self-righteous hypocrites that are quick to point out the faults in others but get defensive when you point out theirs. Piece of advise: Get a life.



A person who feels inadequate and in order to compensate for this feeling, he habitually finds fault/complains  in everyone and everything, especially in a petty way.



It means the person becomes inappropriate while seeming to be friendly; he/she demonstrates intimacy that is not mutually agreed upon from being too pushy to even crossing your personal bubble without your consent. Remember, inappropriate touching is an unsuitable behavior, which can/will earn you disciplinary action (or a lawsuit).


Overly-Dependent (a.k.a. Parasite)

A person who thrives on others and benefit by deriving money, time, and (even) emotions at the other’s expense. She/he not only maintains but expects friends to support and sponsor her way of life. Unfortunately, diagnosis of having a social parasite can be made only after discovering that you have already been used, abused, and drained of all your resources. If a parasite finds that you are no longer beneficial, it will either detach itself from the you and die or move on to infect another person within the same social circle.


Attention Whore

A person that is so emotionally unstable and needy, that they have to constantly be coddled and be the  center of attention in any given situation. Often these things are stupid, obnoxious or unbelievable. No matter who they’re with they always have to talk louder, be more  outrageous, and get everyone in the room to look at them.



Similar to being an Attention Whore but instead of doing stupid antics, this person feels the need to share his/her personal issues like things about how their health, relationship, or family problem in an attempt for sympathy. It is unprofessional to not have control of your emotions. Crying at work just shows that you are kind of weak while not being able to effectively do your job.



Refers to those who deem themselves as of higher capability than others and  would not care to hurt your feelings by making you feel inferior with whatever excuse they can find such us wealth, fashion, taste, knowledge, you name it.



A person who is vain and consider themselves too good to do certain tasks and live under conditions they consider inadequate. He/she refuses to listen and will not accept any blame (even when he/she is the cause of delay). No matter how skilled/talented they are, they will always be a cancer to the teams they work with. I would strongly think twice before working with this person.



Having a person do YOUR job while you sit comfortably at your station doing unnecessary things like putting on makeup, making a lot of noise, chattering with your office mates, sleeping while on-shift, or spending most of your time somewhere not minding that it is way past your meal/restroom break.



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