International Author's Day

International Author’s Day: The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.


Paulo Coelho is an inspiring writer. His stories uplift the mind and strengthen the soul. His writings provocative and insightful. Like most of his books, a theme or idea or existentialist element is put to the reader which is treated innovatively, to aid in exploration, enlightenment, or simply awareness of certain themes or issues, which exists or should exist in the minds of thinking people.

Reading Paulo’s book is such a magical experience. Each story brings a moral to the table. It took me forever to decide which should be included. God knows how much I am itching to write reviews on all of his work (for the record, I’ve already finished 11 of his books). I hope you enjoy my list and If you haven’t read any of his books  I suggest you begin now.

Eleven Minutes
The Alchemist
The Zahir
Veronika Decides to Die


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