Thoughts/Musings: That Fashion Vortex called ‘My Mom’s Closet’


First and foremost, I’d like to greet my mom a very happy mothers’ day! I thank God for giving me the most badass mom who is an expert mind reader and at the same time has superhuman powers. It’s amazing how she  juggles her time for herself, for running the business and looking after her little monsters. She’s the personified Wonder Woman and a real-life Charlie’s Angel.

mome-5Farrah Fawcett and Mom Faith

Where’s the best place to get fashionable clothing? For me, it would be at my mom’s closet. It’s always my inspiration when come to dressing. A little bit of lace goes a long way to add a glamorous touch to an outfit. I was going through her photo album (or should I say lookbook?) and found some interesting photographs of her wearing the hippest from the 80’s. Here are some of it. Check it out!

Mom rocked the classic ‘white shirt and blue jeans’.(1980’s).

Little White Dress (1980’s)

Mom wore a pair of high-waist jeans while shopping in Hong Kong (1980’s).


mome-1 mome-3

Left to Right: In soft-pink high waist jeans, white shirt topped with sweater and blue jeans, beige-colored jumper with corset-like top.



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