TILT: Watching Concerts

Killswitch Engage live in SM Skydome, 2014

There’s just nothing like seeing a good live band. I just love the feeling of loud music (and that awesome feeling of getting to hear your favorite song being performed live by the artist itself) and a lot of people around you enjoying (singing, dancing and even shouting). I love being part of the show. I’m not as wild as I used to be at concerts. I used to try to get as close as I could to the stage and be right in the middle of things. Now I just try to get to a much safer area with a good view and as long as I can hear the songs clearly then I am good.

Here are some of the concerts that I have been to (not in order):

tilt-con015 tilt-con014 tilt-con013  tilt-con011 tilt-con007 tilt-con006 tilt-con005 tilt-con010 tilt-con009 tilt-con004

tilt-con012tilt-con003 tilt-con008 tilt-con002 tilt-con001

and my favorite:

AEROSMITH | May 8, 2013

How about you, do you also enjoy watching concerts?What was the last/best concert you went to? 🙂



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