Blog Updates



Good day everyone! I’ve been extremely busy that I can hardly ever open my WordPress account. I’ve been working on my newly established small business since February. Today I took a day off (decided to stay home) to relax and unwind.  As you can see, I did a MAJOR blog renovation like updated all of the header graphics  (and featured photos in some of my posts), and fixed all broken links. I’ve also changed the MENU bar/links.

~ Blog ~ Back to the main page or newest post
~ Hi! I’m Polly – About the webmiss (yourstruly*)
~ Flight of Ideas – RANDOM subjects including inspirational posts and in-between affairs
~ Wander Wednesdays – Places that I’ve been to or that I enjoyed staying at.
~ TILT – aka Things I Love Thursdays, feature things or events that I love
~ Friday Foodtrips – Recommended places to eat
~ Librophilia – a link to my book review blog
~ WWW – information related to this blog

I might get my own [DOT]COM soon. I’m open to comments and suggestions! Thanks so much for dropping by!



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