Life Lately

Life Lately: Sex, Drugs and Rockn’Roll

Gotcha! No sex, no drugs just rock n’ roll. Yeah, it sucks… I know.

Aside from the fact that I’m just too lazy to go out (and that I have a fun run to attend tomorrow) I’ve decided to stay home and watch videos of Annie Erin Clark (aka St. Vincent). She’s like a bionic woman with mechanically/chemically engineered body parts. One of the BEST guitarists ever!


I kind of feel a little bit jealous because I’ve always wanted to play the guitars the “badass” kind of way (I sucked at playing guitars so I’ll just sit here and be a potato). You know, like whenever you’re at home just like where I am now, doing absolutely nothing, and decides to brush your teeth then suddenly had to urge to riff some classics from Led Zeppelin (while still brushing your teeth). I’ll be extremely delighted if someone would write something like Guitar Playing: Made Super Easy… or Idiot’s Guide: Play like Jimmy Hendrix  (or get your money back!).


I wonder, why did I picked up the drumsticks instead of picks? Aside from the fact that I’m a violent person, my dad took us to the arcade (when I was a kid), I spent most of my tokens on a game called Wani Wani Panic and maybe he realized that I am good at hitting stuff.


Oh well.. I found Torrid! My long-lost (that deserted me) pink harmonica. Yehey!!


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