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I hope you had a great time celebrating the new years with your family and friends! New year, a brand new start… Don’t you just love the fresh new start when a new year starts? Oh boy, time really flies fast when you’re having fun. It feels like only yesterday when I welcomed 2013 and before I realized what’s happening we’re already on the last quarter of the year! Wow… Amazing! 

My goal is to be more organized this year with a system of calendars, daily journal, and a Google calendar that sends my phone reminders.  I  like to plan ahead, and I am hoping I could keep up with all the things that I’ve listed.

BDJ from Patrick and ODB from Mark and Janelle.

I am also fond of challenging myself every year. Last year my motto was “Conquer Your Fear Year.” I’ve pretty much conquered my fears (which I’ll be posting starting next week) such as my irrational fear of zombies, height, rejections, being trapped in enclosed placed, and Britney Spears.  This is year, I aim to DEFY GRAVITY. I wanna go out there and enjoy more of what life has to offer. I’ve listed some one the things that I’d like to accomplish this year.

Get a master’s degree in Business Administration
I might pursue being an RN again

Color my hair pink/purple (haha!)
Avoid meat and be more of a “fruits and veggie” person
Get an attitude-overhaul
Continue therapy

Invest in stocks
Get 2 retirement plans
Launch my online business

Complete the Run United series
Run a full marathon
Participate in The North Face run
Learn to bike
Learn to properly swim
Bunjee Jump
Elephant Trek
Climb a mountain
Learn to surf
Travel at least (1 international and 2 domestic)

Learn to play harmonica
Write 5 originals

Accomplish at least 10 DIYS
Write at least 100 blog posts (including #OOTD)
Take awesome pictures (hopefully attend photography classes)

To sum it up, as what Madonna has posted on her Instagram account: ‘My New Years resolution! 2014. Is mine! Bring It! #artforfreedom'”


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